Well, hello there!

Thanks for visiting my website, I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m Alexis, I’m a senior English major at St. John’s University. This blog was created for Dr. Alvarez’s Taco Literacy class with the intention of exploring and understanding the impact of Mexican food and Mexican culture in the United States.

Going to school in New York City (with my New Jersey hometown only a half hour outside of Manhattan) provides the opportunity to explore a vast array of restaurant options, both well-known and inauthentic — like Chipotle, my absolute favorite meal in the whole world — to mom-and-pop locations serving real Mexican food. I don’t care what my best friend from Texas says — Mexican food in New York, especially in the melting pot that is Queens, is great.

I’m an Italian girl who’s always loved Mexican food and, with this class as an excuse to eat more than I probably (definitely) should, I greatly look forward to visiting new locations and trying more authentic dishes. Stay tuned to hear about my experiences and revelations while delving deeply into Mexican culture and cuisine.

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Wanna see me attempt to be a food influencer?

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